Tilbury Downtown Revitalization: Concluding The Project

Tilbury Downtown Revitalization: Concluding The Project

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Please see the update below from the contractor, Pierascenzi. Please note that these dates are subject to weather conditions.

  • They will be in Tilbury beginning Monday to remove and replace all concrete deficiencies and continuing throughout the week with the sidewalk at shoppers, parging of all CBs and final preparations for asphalt.
  • They will monitor all operations and update and modify traffic control (per OTM Book 7) as necessary.
  • Confirmation from Mill-Am and Huron to commence milling and paving on May 11th has been received and they will be meeting the contractor on site within the next week or so. Notices to residents will be sent once traffic control plans for the paving operations are established.

The milling and paving operations will be the most disruptive. The contractor will need to spend a couple of days milling and removing the top layer of asphalt.  This is done with a large milling machine that grinds the asphalt and casts it into a dump truck. They have smaller milling machines to do around the smaller areas. They will be removing asphalt from curb to curb so it will be across the entire roadway but done in multiple passes. This will impact on-street parking as the contractor needs to be able to properly mill the entire roadway. If there are any minor crossfall (slope) issues, the milling operation corrects these so it is important that the milling operations be carried out without obstructions. Once the definite dates are established, the contractor will be barreling off the parking areas late in the evening or early morning of commencing the work.

The contractor will be delivering notices of the details to all the businesses in advance as they did last year. The good news is that it will all be done fairly quickly and the project draws to a close before we get into the summer months.