Tilbury Downtown Revitalization: Final Steps

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Friday! Along with this warm weather, we have a lot to look forward to.

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Tilbury Downtown Revitalization: Concluding The Project

Please see the update below from the contractor, Pierascenzi. Please note that these dates are subject to weather conditions.
  • They will be in Tilbury beginning Monday to remove and replace all concrete deficiencies and continuing throughout the week with the sidewalk at shoppers, ...

Tilbury Downtown Revitalization: Final Steps

Tilbury Downtown Revitalization: Final Steps to Conclude the Project

We thank you for your patience throughout the construction process and appreciate your understanding as we know it wasn’t always easy.

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Tilbury Revitalization Status December 2, 2014

We are getting there! 

Focus is on the east side of Queen St from Smith St to Mill St:
•Pierazcenzi ...

Tilbury Revitalization Status November 3, 2014

We are happy to see things progressing and proud of our members for remaining positive throughout this process. It is great to see them opening their doors (front and back) to their customers/clients and accommodating them as best as possible. We are almost there! The status of the ...

Tilbury Revitalization Status October 7, 2014

Things are progressing well in Tilbury. The recent events of the project are summarized as follows:
  • Pierascenzi is working on the east side of Queen Street from Smith Street to Young Street (approx. 2 weeks) They will be continuing to move south after the block of Smith St to Young ...

Tilbury Revitalization Status September 19, 2014

Please note these details are estimates provided by the contractor but may change slightly upon site conditions. Week of Sept 18-19
  • Cast concrete curb and gutter at the SW corner of Prospect Street
  • Cast concrete sidewalk between the bulb-outs at Canal and ...

Reduced Parking on Queen Street

We appreciate your patience as the construction progresses along the west side of Queen. The new sidewalks, light standards, and signal lights are looking great!

Please ...

Tilbury Downtown Revitalization Waivers

ATTENTION PROPERTY OWNERS OF DOWNTOWN TILBURY For property owners who received a letter with a waiver via mail regarding the Tilbury Downtown Revitalization – sidewalk to face of building, please be advised that should you have interest in allowing the removal and ...

Evolution of a Downtown Public Park Enhances Shopping Experience

Tilbury has a new Public Park located in the heart of downtown. Located at the corner of Queen & Prospect Street, the public park culminates several years of work by multiple community organizations. The Park is a combined green-area and public-parking area and ...

Façade Demonstration Sketches

In 2012, the process of developing an updated design plan for the downtown core was initiated. Stempski Kelly Associates Inc. was commissioned to complete a conceptual streetscape design plan with stakeholder inclusion. Through this process, a “Carolinian” theme ...

“Downtown Tilbury” signs on 401

New signs help direct traffic from the highway into Tilbury. The desire to have a greater presence along the 401 came to light from the Business Owner Survey conducted in 2011. The Tilbury Downtown Revitalization Project has purchased signage along Highway 401 through the 'Rural Downtown ...
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