Tilbury Revitalization Status November 3, 2014

Tilbury Revitalization Status November 3, 2014

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We are happy to see things progressing and proud of our members for remaining positive throughout this process. It is great to see them opening their doors (front and back) to their customers/clients and accommodating them as best as possible.

We are almost there!

The status of the project is summarized below:

  • Pierascenzi finished pouring the sidewalk on Queen Street from Young to Canal Street last week. They still have to pour a few panels, finish the concrete in the utility strips and fill the subdrain trench with asphalt.
  • Pierascenzi has moved their fence to the next block, Canal to Stewart and has began removals along the entire section with the exception of the cenotaph. They are considering  breaking  the block up into two sections. They are anticipating this block to take approximately 2 weeks. As they have in the past they will make an effort to keep access open for all of the businesses along this block.
  • The work at the cenotaph will not commence until after Remembrance Day.
  • Canal Street at Queen Street will be closed for two weeks beginning this afternoon for work to begin on the new concrete crosswalk.
  • Young Street is now reopened.
  • Bell’s contractor (Pickard) has verified they will be doing a combination of open cutting and directional drill between Superior Street and the former railway. Bell is still waiting for locates and will provide us with an update soon as to their status.
  • Pierascenzi will be  continuing to head southerly on the east side of Queen St to allow Bell to complete their work. Once the contractor has completed the work to Stewart Street, they will move back to the railway area and complete that portion as per the contract.